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IMPART is an NSEA Retired program dedicated to connecting NSEA retired educators and education student members in an effort to support each other, share ideas, and stay involved in the profession of educating our future generations. Click here for more information regarding the IMPART program. 

NSEA-R Round Up Newsletter for February 2019

NSEA-R Round Up Newsletter for May 2019

Nevada State Education Association-Retired allows retired members to not only have a voice in their own communities but to also participate in state forums and decision-making bodies that affect their health, welfare and public education.

Your state membership provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Elect retired representatives to attend NSEA Delegate Assembly.
  • Be involved in leadership roles and trainings.
  • Be involved in developing legislative and political action goals for active retired education employees.
  • Receive state and the Retired Round-up publications.
  • Receive staff assistance and support.
  • Participate in the NSEA-Retired Annual Meeting.
  • Continue the Attorney Referral Service that provides for discounted fees.  

Local Organizations: Clark Retired Education Association, Rural Retired Education Association, and Washoe Retired Education Association. The Local Affiliates have organized to help potential, retired, and pre-retired subscriber members to:

  • Find solutions to retirement issues,
  • Preserve, protect, and improve retirement pension and health benefits, including state pensions, Social Security, and Medicare,
  • Receive informative newsletters with vital retirement issues and opportunities,
  • Receive NSEA staff, workshops and sponsorship benefit services,
  • Continue involvement in local educational issues,
  • Be elected and represent retired members at the local level, and
  • To share social and professional contacts with all members of the education family.

Please visit the links below for more information on your membership, retirement, and more: 

 As a NEA-Retired member, you have the continuing membership privileges of the NEA family.

As a NEA-Retired member, you have the representative power of the NEA family. We elect and represent retired members in leadership roles at NEA Representative Assembly and the NEA-Retired Annual Meetings and conferences.

As a member of NEA-Retired, you are eligible to continue to take advantage of NEA's membership services and benefits. You can recoup the equivalent of your memberships dues if you choose to benefit from these services:

  • Liability Insurance for retired Life-time Retired members that choose to substitute after retiring.
  • Enroll in NEA's Special Services programs available to NEA-R members. These include health, long-term health care, life, home, auto, and AD&D insurances, financial services, and discount sponsorship services.
  • NEA Medicare Supplement Program
  • NEA DUES-Tab for retired leadership.
  • Share experiences & expertise . . .




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