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NSEA Lobby Team

Our elected lawmakers at the State Capitol determine everything from what teachers teach to how schools are funded. That's why the NSEA has lobbyists who are there when educators can't be, monitoring the issues and the bills, and making sure your voice is heard.

The NSEA Lobby Team consists of elected leaders and staff. We welcome member feedback on issues before the Legislature and on this site. Just click on the links below to express your views:

Ruben Murillo, Jr., President

Brian Lee, Executive Director

Chris Daly, Deputy Executive Director of Government Relations

Virginia Mills,  ESEA President

Chet Miller, NEA-SN President

Melissa Boesen, WESP President

Natha Anderson, WEA President

Andy Piper, UCN President

Phil Kaiser, GR Committee Chairperson

Tom Wellman, NSEA-Retired

NSEA's legislative priorities seek to improve the quality of education in Nevada through supporting the educator's ability to provide quality instruction and to improve student achievement. NSEA's legislative priorities document is a product of NSEA's Legislative Program for the 2019 legislative session.

NSEA 2019 Legislative Priorities


E-mail your Legislators:

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