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Legislative Updates

As teachers, education support professionals, and citizens, you can make a strong statement for public education by participating in your neighborhood presidential caucus meeting. You can also offer a resolution supporting education and seek to serve as a delegate to your political party conventions.

Learn how to participate in the caucus meeting by attending an NSEA 2016 Presidential Caucus Primer. Click here for more information. 

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The 78th Legislative Session ended Tuesday, June 2, at midnight. The information below is reference of material provided by the NSEA Lobby Team during the 78th Legislative session.  It includes Powerline, the official NSEA government relations newsletter and position letters submitted by NSEA during the legislative session. It also includes an analysis of bills and their impact on public education and NSEA members. This page also includes links to official state documents such as budget information provided by the governor’s office. Further analysis of individual bills will be posted here as more information becomes available.

NVDOE 2015 Legislative Materials

NSEA Legislative Overview (note: large file size)

POWERLINE, the official NSEA Government Relations publication.

NSEA 2015 Legislative Priorities Guide    

NSEA Position Letters entered into public record.   

State Budget Information 







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