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Legislative Updates

79th Legislative Session Underway
NSEA is on-the-ground

Monday, February 6, 2017, marked the beginning of the 79th Legislative Session in Carson City. NSEA has a full-time Lobby Team in the capitol working to strengthen and protect public education. NSEA will be communicating regularly to members through social media, email, and this website. The best place for real-time legislative activity is on the NSEA-interactive mobile app.  The app is live and we are posting updates in the activity feed.  If you need NSEA to resend the app invitation or need help logging in, email us at

NSEA-Interactive Gives You Access to the 2017 Legislature

Last week NSEA members received a welcome email introducing them to the new NSEA mobile app that will put users in the middle of the legislative action when the session starts Monday, February 6.   If you did not see the welcome email you can download the app by following this link on a mobile device or contact NSEA Communications at and we will resend the welcome email. 

The app will have push notifications on important legislative updates, an activity feed where users can post comments on issues, and a full list of state senators and assemblypeople with links to their email and social media.

Watch for Powerline in the Mail

The first issue of NSEA's legislative newsletter Powerline is on its way. Powerline will give deeper insight to the Legislature - offering perspective from the NSEA Lobby Team and providing more information on proposed legislation. 

Useful Links

NSEA-interactive 2017 Legislature Mobile app 
Nevada Legislature FAQs 
Nevada Legislature dashboard for 79th Legislative Session 
List of Bill Draft Requests (BDRs) 
Nevada Legislative Information System (NELIS) 




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