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Legislative Updates

NSEA is ramping up for the 2015 Legislative Session.  Check back for updates on legislative priorities and other important issues affecting educators. For the very latest updates "like" us on facebook at For comments or questions on the NSEA Legislative Program, contact Craig Stevens, NSEA Director of Government Relations. 

Message From NSEA President Ruben Murillo, Jr.

As part of the political process, NSEA endorses candidates for statewide and federal offices. It is a member-run, democratic process where we take a position of support or that of no endorsement. The endorsement list for the 2014 election can be found on the link above.  In Senate District 20 (SD 20), NSEA took a position of no endorsement.

Senate District candidate Senator Michael Roberson used a photo taken at a presentation showing myself and the candidate on a campaign flyer. I’m the one wearing the TEI campaign button. To the uninformed voter, this photo could be mistaken as a position of endorsement of Sen. Roberson by NSEA. The fact is, there is no endorsement in SD 20.

NSEA strives to endorse candidates in a bi-partisan process based primarily on education issues that impact the education community in Nevada.  As the November 4 election rapidly approaches, we urge you to ask candidates about solutions to issues such as education funding, supporting educators in the classroom, and school capital improvement. Also remember to vote YES on Question 3 (TEI). Your vote and your voice make all the difference.





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